Bringing your business ideas into the world takes work. Between social media, landing pages, branding assets, content creation, ideal customer journey, and creating offers ...  it can be a lot. And it all needs to look polished and professional to instill trust.

I can help, friend.

I believe great design elevates your impact and attracts better clients. From my shops to my one-on-one coaching or design experiences, I’m all about helping you discover how easy and aligned it can feel to scale your business in style — so you can look the part while you build your legacy.

Book a VIP day

Our VIP Day is a day my team and I dedicate entirely to you! It is perfect if you want to work with me as your designer and strategist to set up, style, and streamline your visual content for your business, programs, membership, upcoming launch, or passive income streams.

We’ll be well-prepared before the day arrives.

Curious what we can accomplish in a day?

On a VIP day, we can

  • update your social media vibe and visuals
  • brand your new passive income stream
  • design the materials for an existing or new product or program, 
  • map out the graphics for your podcast, blog, Instagram, or upcoming launch
  • create opt-in pages
  • streamline your customer journey sequence and more.

Once we’re done you can hand off this suite of custom designs to your team to repurpose so your investment pays for itself over and over again.

If you have big dreams for your business and you want to partner with a designer who knows how to make it pretty and make it profit, then this is perfect for you.

How it Works:

Book your VIP day on the right, fill in a quick form to give me more details and I'll be in touch within 2 business days with our next steps. We are currently booking for March 2022. VIP Days are scheduled on a first booked first-served basis.  Have questions, please email me at [email protected]


Brands we have worked with:

You can take a peek at the pages below to get a sense of our style, view our Pinterest board here or sneak some behind the scenes on Instagram.

“I absolutely loved working with Nicholette. She captured my vision and accomplished so much in our time together. My Kajabi site is on-brand, easy to navigate, and BEAUTIFUL!  I'd highly recommend Nicholette and will be working with her for future Kajabi and Canva projects!” - Ciara Stokeland.

"I made in $131,520 in a week" I knew I needed the right people on my team to make the impact I wanted. Now she's never going to get rid of me."  Michelle Lynne - Designed for the Creative Mind

“I have doubled my prices and my business has grown 3x since hiring Nicholette and her team”.- Maureen Mwangi.

“Nicholette helped me bring in $30,000 in the first week of  launching my membership”.- Corinne Morahan

Please note:  Branding, sales pages, products (depending on size) and website designs require a custom design quote.

Ready to work with me, so you can kick-start your next project and finally iron out all those details you don't have time (or the love) for? 

Let's do it!