"I LOVE Your Ugly Biz Graphics!”

– Said No Customer Ever 

Don’t get scrolled over, friend. Get the templates to create clean, professional Canva graphics and bring all your dreamiest clients to the yard (aka your website). 
If you want your ideal clients to fall in love with what you're offering online,
you need to hook them with your stand-out visuals.

What would it mean if:

  • you could easily up level the look of your visuals, from your Instagram Stories to your freebie PDFs?
  •  your dreamies were "liking", subscribing + leaving ALL the heart emojis 💞 in ALL the right places?
  • you had everything at your fingertips to create professional, on-brand graphics in minutes (instead of hours, days or never-at-all!)?

...All without leaving you tapped out, frustrated or frazzled (and with serious eye-strain)?

Well, good news, love: The BETTER BRAND BUNDLE is your knight-in-shining-graphics-armour!

Designed to help female business owners like you create branded (and beautiful) Canva images that leave a lasting first impression, it's loaded with 13 easy-to-customize Canva template sets to help you create stand-out graphics that never get #scrolledover fast!

It's all the visuals you need
promote your brand, business and offers like they’re the best thing since matcha lattes with almond milk - cause they are. ;)

Pay in full - Save 25%
Pay plan - Save 20%

Your bundle includes:
13 Template Sets (whoa #allthetemplates)
295 Canva graphics (you do the math!)
A Trello brand board to organize them all (score!).

TOTAL VALUE: $627 - SAVE 25%

You have a mere 10 seconds to show your dreamies who you are and what you’re all about. The BETTER BRAND BUNDLE will help you DIY quality, on-brand graphics quickly that do JUST that.

Nope, creating gorgeous graphics doesn’t have to rob hours of your time, cost a flippin’ fortune or leave you frazzled and paralyzed!

I'm SO ready to create a better brand!
Here's what this awesome pack includes:

Instagram squares | Eva Insta Stories + Covers | WHAM Insta Stories + Covers | Insta Stories Shareables, Covers + Misc. designs | IGTV Thumbnails, background images, square + promo images | checklists + 5 page Worksheet Template | Facebook Page + Ads | A Trello board with checklists, branding resources + visual batching plan | YouTube Channel Art + Thumbnail designs | Blog + Pinterest | FB Group 1 - FB covers, prompt, announcement + promo | FB Group 2 - FB covers, prompt, announcement + promo | 10-Page Workbook Template + 1 event calendar design


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