Wish your Canva account had ALL the graphics you need to stand out on social?

That effect can have your peeps click to work with you or
have them scroll right by you.
If you want your ideal clients to fall in love with what you're offering online,
you need to hook them with your visuals.

And while, no one can see the almond butter smear on your printed tee, they do see your visuals and it communicates a story about you and what you value. It also shows us in seconds if you get US!

The colors, the images, the fonts, the words. They all relay information in a tenth of a second!

A good clean, pro looking design is everything, but it doesn't have to rob hours of your time, cost a fortune to figure out or leave you feeling frazzled and paralyzed. 

If visuals are so not your thing, if they take you forever and frustrate the shiz out of you, then this BETTER BRAND BUNDLE is your knight in shining graphics armor!

If there's ONE investment that's VITAL to your success it's your visuals babe.  So let's set you up like a boss!
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Here's what this awesome pack includes:
Instagram squares | Eva Insta Stories + Covers | WHAM Insta Stories + Covers  | Insta Stories Shareables,  Covers + Misc. designs  | IGTV Thumbnails, background images, square + promo images  | checklists + 5 page Worksheet Template | Facebook Page + Ads | A Trello board with checklists, branding resources + visual batching plan | YouTube Channel Art + Thumbnail designs  |  Blog + Pinterest | FB Group 1 - FB covers, prompt, announcement + promo  | FB Group 2 - FB covers,  prompt, announcement + promo | 10-Page Workbook Template + 1 event calendar design


13 Template Sets. 295 Canva graphics. A Trello brand board to organize them all.  ONLY $459 - Save $168


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