Do you dream about setting up your own
Canva Template Shop? 💭

Let's take your dreams from 'ideas in the shower'
(or your Asana board) to launched, selling and
serving your tribe!


Hello, friend. I'm so excited that you made your way here.

Create your Canva Shop (formerly The Canva Template Lab) is a program that teaches female entrepreneurs how to create and sell their own editable Canva templates — from creation to delivery to promotion — and set-up shop like a true professional.


  • You’re not a pro designer or don’t have a portfolio (yet)
  • You have no idea how or where to start setting up your own shop
  • You already know the Canva Template basics but want to reach that next level (+ beyond!).

Sound to be good to be true? PRESS PLAY and let me tell you ALL about it, Canva friend.


When you say YES to the Canva Template Lab, you’ll get access to 4 foundational-modules that walk you through my entire process for creating your own editable + sellable Canva Templates. 

Including: how to create them, share them, maintain them and (of course!) make money from them.

Each module builds on each other and will help you develop your strategy (aka what’s your plan?), develop your system (how to set up + share templates), develop your shop (how to sell and promote your templates) and then help you simplify–and maintain (+ scale) it all. For real. 

Are you ready to launch your Canva Shop + designer templates instead of just dreaming, googling or Vox-ing your #bizbestie about it?


Whether you’re a…

✨ Designer looking to take your Canva skills to the next level (and hopefully the next tax bracket)
✨ Social media manager who wants to help her #bossbabes promote their products with prettier pics 
✨ Or just a go-getter’ boss with an eye-for-design who’d love to make a little “passive” money for her fam

The Canva Template Lab has something (or a lot of things) just for you.

Need help sooner? Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]


Who's Nicholette?

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Over the past 5 years, I’ve built a 6 figure business creating editable Canva Templates to help female business owners stand out online and share their work with more clarity and confidence.

When I kept being asked by everyone from VAs to network marketers to biz babes with an eye for design how I was able to create and sell my editable Canva templates, set up my shop + create a profitable business creating custom Canva templates for non designers, I knew that if I could help others do the same, we’d all be able to help even more biz owners master their visuals — and get back to the fun part of running their business.

Talk about a magical ripple effect! ✨

The truth is: There’s a huge market for this type of work in the online space. There are so many women in business who desperately need someone to help them create wow-worthy visuals, but I don’t know anybody else teaching others how to get their piece of the Canva template pie — hence The Canva Template Lab was born. 

Are you ready to step up + make your passive income dreams come true while making an impact? Then I'd love to see you in there, babe!





I have a few questions.

Literally anyone who wants to create templates to help their tribe 24.7, loves designing in Canva and has an eye for design! Maybe you’re already a graphic designer. Maybe you just dabble in creating templates for your own biz (and loooove it). Or maybe you’re a direct seller who noticed a serious lack of pretty, personalized graphics in the MLM space and felt like templates could be a fun way to help out your fellow MLM friends. 

As long as you have a desire to improve your Canva skills–and transform them into a way to pay the bills–The Canva Template Lab is right for you. You don’t have to be a Canva master or have a highly-honed designer’s eye. You just have to love Canva and want to share your love of editable templates with others!

That’s up to you! This is a self-paced course that allows you to dive in whenever YOU have the free time and then come pack as needed to hone your shop skills + strategy.

You'll have access to most of your bonuses and your Trello Training right away. The rest of your content drips in order of completion, starting with module 1.

You'll also have access to me in a member-only Facebook Group for ongoing questions + support.

If you would like more 1:1 support please reach out to me at [email protected].

Mainly? Because there’s literally nothing else like it! Honestly, there’s a huge market for this type of work in the online space. There are so many women in business who desperately need someone to help them create wow-worthy visuals, but I don’t know anybody else teaching others how to get their piece of the Canva template pie!

Inside The Canva Template Lab, I’m truly sharing ev-ery-thing you need to know to create your own killer Canva templates and share them with other women for a profit, so you (and they!) don’t have to waste hours (or, months) figuring out how to create them through trial-and-error (like I did). It’s truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, I’m not someone who likes a lot of fluff and nonsense. I give you easy-to-follow instructions and then send you off to actually take action and make money.

Yes. I believe CTL will help you create your Canva Shop. But if you feel like you haven’t learned anything valuable within the first 14 calendar days from date of purchase, I’ll happily return your money. 

Ha. I have no idea, I'm just checking to see if you made it all the way down here ;)


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