Let’s take your beautiful business to the next level!

I help brilliant business owners build their businesses and their wealth - with ease and passive income.

Get more clients. Raise your fees. Grow your team. Launch your Shop. Overhaul your processes.

After we work together for 6 months, you’ll be so proud of your growth (and you won’t even be able to recognize your business!)

Your business was made for more — and you know it

You’re ready to build lasting wealth and an even bigger impact with your business, with more time to spend with your family and more money coming in on autopilot.

But you're not entirely sure how to make it happen. You've bought the courses and studied all the necessary content. Now you're ready to hire the mentor who's 3-5 years ahead of you, who's making multi-6 figures, with passive income channels and private clients who pay $20K+ to work together.

What you need is a partner who gets it.

Someone who’s been there, done that and has a strategic brain and all the battle scars, so you can build the foundation of a thriving business that sparks joy — and is built to last.

Am I reading your mind yet, love?

Let me show you that growing your business with higher fees and passive income can feel easy & aligned.

Wouldn't it feel amazing to...

Confidently bring your big ideas + business goals to life faster

...with a mentor who knows the systems, strategies an design world like the back of her hand

Add new revenue streams to your business

...so you can build sustainable, predictable, wealth… without overcomplicating things for you, your team, or your clients

Feel excited about your brand

...knowing that you’re showing up as a CEO who's on track to grow, not to mention being so well compensated for the hard work + love you pour inot your business

Have more time to show up as the badass CEO you are

...instead of wasting hours on tedious tasks and headache-inducing analysis paralysis, trying to figure out the next best step to take

Wake up every morning knowing exactly what to do next

...whether that's serving your audience, supporting your team, or making money, even when you're not tied to your desk

Grow your impact and wealth with ease

...having 200% confidence in the streamlined systems and business growth strategies you're implementing, with my help every step of the way

It's all possible, friend. Let me show you how.

Let's work together for 6 months

I'm wild about helping female entrepreneurs grow. My shops, programs, coaching, and one-on-one experiences are all laser-focused on one thing:

Helping you discover the magic of a business that brings you a rich life + sustainable wealth.


Here's how it works.


I have an extensive application process to make sure we’re a match

This is the first thing I’ll teach you if we work together: selecting your clients carefully. There are no wrong answers on the application! But your clarity call will be canceled if you don’t provide thoughtful, comprehensive answers.


Step 2: Call

After your application is accepted, we’ll meet to discuss your business goals

 and get a feel for our connection. I want you to feel completely comfortable with me and vice versa. Your results will be based on your willingness to trust me and follow my lead, and that won’t happen unless we seriously vibe!

Step 3: Coach

When you become my client for 6 months, you’ll get all kinds of goodies

like bi-weekly coaching sessions, a private Voxer channel to chat with me on the daily (Mon - Thurs), a space where we’ll have weekly check-ins, feedback, and accountability to make sure you’re supported every step of the way.

Ready to explore the process of coaching with me?


Get my strategic insights & advice on anything for an  hour

1-on-1 Strategy Hour With Nicholette

Get 60 minutes of in-depth strategizing on anything you need - from launch strategy to design questions to product sales.

In this one-hour session, I'm completely at your service! We can discuss ideas for how to grow your business, plan a launch, discover the root of some mysterious problem, or just chat about life! You'll leave the call crystal clear on your next action steps, no matter the topic.

This session is perfect for you if:

  • You’re full of ideas for your next launch or project, but you’re not sure what to focus on first (#decisionparalysis)
  • You want to make sure you’re spending your time and money on the right tools, education, and mentors and want guidance on where to look
  • You want to work with me one-on-one, but you want to get started with a small bite strategy hour just to map things out
  • You just want to pick my brain about branding + visuals, streamlining your services, launching a digital product, up levelling your marketing, or all things Canva and Kajabi

Whatever’s standing in your way of taking that next step, I’ve got you covered.

At the end of our time together, you’ll walk away with 3 action steps you can take right away to create momentum towards the next BIG venture in your business. With my strategic insights & advice + your big ideas, anything is possible.

Here’s how it works

  1. Schedule + pay for your session using the link below
  2. Fill in the questionnaire ahead of our call.
  3. Bring your notebook + fave drink to our Zoom chat and get ready to make some magic.

Larger design + coaching packages. Please book your first coaching session using the link below, and we can discuss long-term options at the end of our call. Where appropriate, the cost of this session will be applied to your coaching package.

Book Your Session

Hey there, I’m Nicholette


I’m on a mission to make profitable, scalable businesses simple, stylish, and sustainable. I believe great design elevates your impact and attracts better clients. From my shops to my one-on-one design experiences, I’m all about helping you discover how easy and aligned it can feel to scale your business in style — so you can look the part while you build your legacy.

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