The New Insta-Trend: Shareable Graphics

You’ve seen them, we’ve all seen them.

They’re fun, well-branded + addictive to boot. But only the “big” gals on the ‘Gram or the web design gurus seem to be creating them.

You know what I’m talking about: The Instagram Story Shareables.

The fun game trending on Instagram that allows users to share their content by having their followers fill in the blanks to random q’s, play “this or that” and answer other pieces that allow their own followers to get to know them better.

Here’s why I personally love the Shareables:

1. A Fun Way to Survey Your Peeps

I love seeing what the gals in my heart are up to, what they want to see more of + what they’re probably a little sick and tired of. It will not only make you a better content creator, but a better biz boss too!

2. Allows Your Community to Share Your Visuals

Not only are you creating something of value for your tribe, but you’re also participating in a...

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