How to Create Your Worksheets in Canva

Worksheets and workbooks are a great way to educate your audience, give more value and add credibility to your name.

It’s also trendy to use them as content upgrades for more information or in courses or your membership site to help guide your members through a step-by-step process.


Essentially, they’re the same thing. 

I design my workbooks with a front and back cover. It’s like a mini ebook, but with sections to write down notes and answers if needed. And since I’m putting a lot of work into these, I want my readers to feel that they’re getting a high-quality product from me. A beautifully designed workbook draws your readers in and gets them excited about your work.

Worksheets, on the other hand, get to the point of the subject matter faster and will include branding elements and your name, but it won’t always have the cover page. 

Worksheets are perfect for quick tutorials or...

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The Easy Way to Create Attention Grabbing Product Mockups


Alright, ladies. I’ll let you in on a little snippet of what we’re about to dive into in this training.

We’ll be covering:

  • Where + how to use product mock ups in your business
  • 3 great resources to find on brand mockups your tribe will love
  • Two easy-peasy ways to add an image to your mockup in Canva
  • Bonus tips to create mockups that look real and professional



And some IRL examples of what you’ll be able to create by the end.

*cue your Boss Babe Anthem playlist*



A Quick Video Recap:

00:17  What to use product mockups for

01:05  3 resources for mock ups

01:50  The different types of mock ups

02:12  Looking at your tablet or phone for reference

02:41  Stey by Step instructions to add your images to your mockups

04:05  Using a premade/designed image

07:10  Horizontal images and screenshots


Some Bonus Goodies For My Loves:

  1. Be sure that the...
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