How to create a gift guide for your blog — FREE Canva Template

If you’ve always wanted to create a gift guide for your blog, social media community, or email list, you’re going to love today’s Canva training! I’m showing you exactly how to create your own wow-worthy gift guides in Canva.

Gift guides are a great way to save your peeps tons of time falling down the Google rabbit hole searching for the perfect gift ideas or resources. They’re super popular during the holiday season, but you can use them to provide value and drive more traffic to your website all year round — think sales, launches, Black Friday promos, Small Business Saturday, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day and (WAY) more!

It’s also a great (visual) way for you to showcase some online biz babes you love, highlight amazing deals (or affiliate products), or just share the products you use on the daily in your life and biz. The ideas are endless!


Why you should create a gift guide for your blog

Here are some of the reasons I love...

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How to Incorporate Visuals Into Your Launch

As we head into launch season, I think it’s more important than ever that we have systems and content in place to make things as smooth as possible. After all, have you ever wanted to get something out into the world for your biz and later realized that you overlooked a key component — like visuals or important email copy? Stress city.

(I totally don’t speak from experience *nervous laughs*)

There are many components to a successful launch, but the one I’m a stickler on? You may have guessed it…



When sharing about your launch everything about it has to be in tip-top shape, including the visuals.

So where must you have standout visuals? Read below and download the free checklist, before you press “LIVE” on your next big reveal. xo


1. Social Media

I know, the big Kahuna (+ the one you’ve likely thought of already) but when it comes to social media, well curated graphics are an absolute must. You’ll want to...

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5 Reasons Your Brand Needs Trello

It’s no secret that your tribe recognizes you by your brand, gorgeous.

Whether it’s the colors you choose, the fonts you carefully select or the content you post, it’s vital that you go in with an organized action plan that makes the people in your community say, “Whoa this chic is amazing!!”

Sound great but not quite sure where to even begin at organization it all? I use and LOVE Trello to keep all my go-to brand resources in one convenient place.

And, I’ve put together a list of my Top 5 reasons your Brand might love and need Trello too.

Let’s get right into the nitty-gritty, shall we?

1. It’s board feature rocks

Trello allows you organize your tasks by board and it has been a game changer in my biz. I love that I can now see my tasks and even organize them to make sure I’m reaching my bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals!

2. Organize by color

This may seem rudimentary, but friends!? I never realized...

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5 Tips for Selling Your First Canva Template

If there’s one thing I love: It’s creating Canva templates. (Okay, and my family + Pomeranians. Obvs.) 

If there’s another thing I love, it’s talking about creating Canva templates.

In fact, people ask me all the time how in the heck I create and sell my editable Canva templates. From graphic designers to VAs to network marketers to biz babes with an eye for design, everybody wants to know my secrets. Good thing I’m a giver and absolutely love to share ‘em! ;)

I’m writing you today to do just that.

Below, I walk you through the 5 steps you need to take to create your first ever editable Canva template product.  

Step 1: Assess your skills

What makes you so different?
First of all, you need to know what problem you solve (or will solve) for your dreamies. What do peeps say you’re good at? What do you do that makes you wonder, “How in the world do other peeps not know this?”– and how can you create a...

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Canva Template Design Made Easy

Do you dream of creating your own editable Canva templates and adding it as a new or additional offer for your clients?

Whether you already know the basics or just want to take it to the next level, here is my 3 step system for creating my own editable, Canva templates for my peeps.

Ready to set up shop like a pro? Let's go!

1.  Develop your strategy

 What will draw your tribe to your designs? We can’t be everyone's Starbucks order, but let's make sure you impress the right peeps. Think about the person you want to help, their unique challenges and then identify the solution you want to solve using your Canva skills.

Questions to ask yourself:
What are their biggest challenges? What product or solutions would help them with this? How they will use it, get to it, and how will it be different?

Do they feel stuck with design, to they lack the creative vision to start from scratch, do they need a full-fledged solution for their blog or Instagram or do they simply lack...

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How to Create Gorgeous Branded Patterns in Canva

One way to feel like your brand is the Belle of the Ball? Branded Patterns!

There are absolutely incredible ones you can find on Creative Market and Etsy, and the wonderful Rachel from Haute Stock also includes curated beautiful options in her monthly Graphics Pack.

Need them in your brand colors? Want to try your hand at creating your own? Canva has amazing options to your visuals to the next level!

Even better? You can create them custom!

Simply watch the video below to learn how to create your own branded + unique patterns using the power of Canva.


STEP 1: Select Your Design Size

Select the size you want to use for your pattern. Do you want a square, horizontal or vertical design? I usually create mine using 2500 x 2500 pixels.


STEP 2: Create Your Pattern

Option 1: Choose one of Canva’s existing patterns

Click to the elements or background tab + scroll down to see your options.

To make this easier, you can type “patterns” into the search box.

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Your Cure for Blurry Canva Design Syndrome

 Want to know what really just feels like stepping on legos?

Spending alllll the livelong day creating a new graphic in Canva, finally getting it just the way you had hoped and then...uploading it to your social media and finding out it looks blurry AF + not at all how you imagined. *cue facepalm*

If anyone gets it, love, it’s me. I have been there + dealt with the wrath of Canva on numerous occasions.

The very last thing I want you to pull your hair out over is graphics in Canva. Why? Because your brand should only portray how incredible your offerings truly are + you should feel super ready to take on the world of visuals in your biz.

And if you’re still stuck. See Canva’s help center - https://support.canva.com/troubleshooting/downloading/

So, let’s get right down to it, shall we? We’ll cover:

  • The Top 5 reasons your images look as fab as a Beyonce cover in Canva but like a blurry sh*tstorm on your social.
  • One word: Solutions! Get empowered...
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FIVE UNDER FIVE: How to Simplify Graphic Creation

Something I hear a lot as a graphic designer? Biz owners feeling super stuck on their graphics + the perpetual question: How do I create amazing looking graphics faster?

I’ll tell you, the last thing I want you to do is feel like you’re going to pull your beautiful DryBar blowout strands out of your head every time you sit down to create a new visual + that’s why today I’m sharing a training that will knock your socks off!

This training will:

  • Save you time.
  • Save you money.
  • And make your brand look bangin’, babe.


  • How to create a “design recipe” by using your brand elements
  • How to repeat that concept for all of your other graphics
  • How to save time + simplify batching graphics for your biz
  • How to create a consistent look + feel with your visuals.

I personally start off by creating one image for my upcoming blog post + then I let that image inspire the rest of my images that I’ll later to use...

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LABEL IT GOOD: Creating Printable Labels Using Canva

Any other peeps see themselves as the Fairy Godmother of label making? I will find any excuse to use my label maker, any day, any reason, any time. My husband may think I’m a little cray-cray but girlfriend, you just know mama likes her organization.

...and it’s fun seeing them come to life before your eyes, isn’t it?

Before I was on the visual creation train for boss babes using Canva for curating profitable businesses, I was a home and food stylist. I appreciate an organized home — searching for things in random piles is the bane of my existence and I live for structure and order. But more than that? I like a good flair of style with my organization. It has to have a touch of NS baby! Which is why I started creating my own labels.


But what kind of labels can you create using Canva?

Oh, love. All sorts! Canva is your own personal mecca with the ability to make home office labels for magazine holders, address labels, file folder markers, spice...

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The Best Way to Make a Vision Board Using Canva

One of my very favorite designs to create is a vision board. I create one at the start of every year and then make it a point to tweak it each quarter.

Not only is it a fabulous way to give your goals a visual representation, but it’s also a great resource that you can go to when you need an extra dose of motivation or inspiration.

And as a business woman, it allows you to connect to your emotions and create career decisions that light us up from the inside out.

A tip? Include goals that make your heart skip a beat + get your hands clammy. It’s a good thing to aim high — you only have one life, right?!

Ready to create a meaningful piece that will knock your Jack Rogers straight off your feet usin the power of Canva?

Tune-in to this video to see how to create a vision board quicker than you can say “dream come true” or read-up, below.



First things first, hop on to your Pinterest and...

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