How to create a gift guide for your blog — FREE Canva Template

If you’ve always wanted to create a gift guide for your blog, social media community, or email list, you’re going to love today’s Canva training! I’m showing you exactly how to create your own wow-worthy gift guides in Canva.

Gift guides are a great way to save your peeps tons of time falling down the Google rabbit hole searching for the perfect gift ideas or resources. They’re super popular during the holiday season, but you can use them to provide value and drive more traffic to your website all year round — think sales, launches, Black Friday promos, Small Business Saturday, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day and (WAY) more!

It’s also a great (visual) way for you to showcase some online biz babes you love, highlight amazing deals (or affiliate products), or just share the products you use on the daily in your life and biz. The ideas are endless!



Why you should create a gift guide for your blog

Here are some of the...

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If there’s one thing I love: It’s creating Canva templates. (Okay, and my family + Pomeranians. Obvs.) 

If there’s another thing I love, it’s talking about creating Canva templates.

In fact, people ask me all the time how in the heck I create and sell my editable Canva templates. From graphic designers to VAs to network marketers to biz babes with an eye for design, everybody wants to know my secrets. Good thing I’m a giver and absolutely love to share ‘em! ;)

I’m writing you today to do just that.

Below, I walk you through the 5 steps you need to take to create your first ever editable Canva template product.  

Step 1: Assess your skills

What makes you so different?
First of all, you need to know what problem you solve (or will solve) for your dreamies. What do peeps say you’re good at? What do you do that makes you wonder, “How in the world do other peeps not know this?”– and how can you create a...

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Are you craving something different - with your visuals, your captions, your work?

Does your tribe need a reminder of why you are all that and a bag of sweet potato chips?  … Do you?  If so, you’re in the perfect place.

It happens, love. Sometimes, we stall. 
Sometimes we just need a change. Sometimes we just need to try something new.

Drive a different route. Order the special, limited time latte at Starbucks. Have rocky road ice cream for breakfast (just kidding about that last one. Maybe).

Or you know...take on a challenge to put the fire–and the fun–back in your biz and visuals!

If you’re ready to shake things up inside your biz and remind your peeps you exist (and you rock–cause you do ;) )...I’ve got something just for you.

I’m hosting a FREE 4-day challenge called, Your Biz In Visuals: 
A 4-Day Challenge to share what you do and who you serve...in style (Whaaat?!)

This short and sweet challenge...

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