How to Create Your Mood Board in Canva

I’m obsessed with moodboards.

They’re such a great way to gather inspiration for a room makeover, a fun DIY project, your business branding, client work or even a brand photoshoot.

In your business, your mood board sets the tone for your branding. It’s the best tool to help you create your signature style for your business.


Why it’s so important

THE MAIN BENEFIT: Creating your mood board (phase 1) and then your brand board (phase 2) will help keep you focused, so you don’t wing your visuals and change out your brand elements (colors, fonts, photos etc.) As a result, it will be easier and faster to create your visuals and look more professional and consistent online. #winning!

In short: If you don’t have a mood board for your business, you need one stat sister.  

Other helpful benefits:

  • It instantly boosts your credibility as you look more pulled together online.

  • Helps you save time and keep your sanity. Often when we don’t...

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Secrets from a Branding Expert

When most people think about branding they think of perfectly chosen colors and logos that are as recognizable as the greats — Nike + Coca-Cola, we’re looking at you! But really, babe, it’s so much more. So how is a business owner supposed to know what’s important when creating a brand that shines and what’s not? 

Today, I sat down and created a list of the 5 top tips I wanted to shout from the rooftops (or really, my porch in Colorado ;) - there’s even cows ).



Here they are: 

1. Think About The Customer Experience

When you consider how your customer will be interacting with your brand, you can better decide how to make your website the most functional. What social media platforms are best to focus on, the kind of content medium they prefer — emails or blogs? Tweets or Lives? Blogs vs videos? — and the list goes on.

Next time you go to update your website or social pages I recommend looking at it from a...

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The Only 4 Graphics Your Blog Post Needs

I’m curious, love. When’s the last time you evaluated your blog visuals?

Are you still going with the same style you did when you first started way-back-when?

Do you know you need an upgrade but just don’t know where on Earth to start?

I know how alllll of that feels (because I have been. there.) and that’s why today I wanted to whip-up a short + sweet post on the four blog graphics you need to make your latest post the Belle of the Pinterest-Worthy Ball.

Let’s get to it, yeah?


1. A Feature Image

Your feature image should include your blog title and a tagline if you think it needs a little extra explanation — and don’t forget to make sure it keeps with your brand aesthetic! This one is numero uno because it can also double as the image that you use to post to Facebook. #winning


2. Your Pinterest Visual

With Pinterest’s power to do incredible things for your biz right now (you can checkout how I utilize it here) this...

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5 Reasons Your Brand Needs Trello

It’s no secret that your tribe recognizes you by your brand, gorgeous.

Whether it’s the colors you choose, the fonts you carefully select or the content you post, it’s vital that you go in with an organized action plan that makes the people in your community say, “Whoa this chic is amazing!!”

Sound great but not quite sure where to even begin at organization it all? I use and LOVE Trello to keep all my go-to brand resources in one convenient place.

And, I’ve put together a list of my Top 5 reasons your Brand might love and need Trello too.

Let’s get right into the nitty-gritty, shall we?

1. It’s board feature rocks

Trello allows you organize your tasks by board and it has been a game changer in my biz. I love that I can now see my tasks and even organize them to make sure I’m reaching my bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals!

2. Organize by color

This may seem rudimentary, but friends!? I never realized...

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How to Create Your Worksheets in Canva

Worksheets and workbooks are a great way to educate your audience, give more value and add credibility to your name.

It’s also trendy to use them as content upgrades for more information or in courses or your membership site to help guide your members through a step-by-step process.


Essentially, they’re the same thing. 

I design my workbooks with a front and back cover. It’s like a mini ebook, but with sections to write down notes and answers if needed. And since I’m putting a lot of work into these, I want my readers to feel that they’re getting a high-quality product from me. A beautifully designed workbook draws your readers in and gets them excited about your work.

Worksheets, on the other hand, get to the point of the subject matter faster and will include branding elements and your name, but it won’t always have the cover page. 

Worksheets are perfect for quick tutorials or...

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Stress-Free Branding for Newbies

Want to create graphics for your business that actually match?

Images that work together? Images that connect, stand out and have your ideal clients stop scrolling and start paying attention to your message? 

Let’s break down your branding into 3 easy steps, without you feeling puzzled and even more overwhelmed, so you can finally pick your colors, fonts and images with confidence.


With so many things to consider, like your why, ideal client, your values etc. let's just zone in one important question.

What do you want your ideal clients to FEEL when they land on your website?
What do you want them to feel when they see your images on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest? 

Pick 3-5 words. These will become your brand words. 
Edit them down until you have the 3-5 words that you cannot part with.

Think of how you feel when you’re on your fave sites.  What would be so freaking fab to accomplish feeling-wise when you ideal client...

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