3 Tips for Your Next Canva Quote Card

One of my favorite social media branding images to design for clients is a quote card. 

You can be super creative with a quote card and once you've created your Brand Kit and Mood Board, it’s so much easier. 

If you want to create consistency across all your graphics, start by creating a design recipe for yourself by following these three important tips below.  

By starting with your quote card, you’ll notice what you like, how your branding elements (fonts, colors, images, and patterns) play together and you'll also get a sense of your own design style (even if you're just starting out!).

Creating your own design style definitely takes time and practice, and it also helps paying attention to the images you repeatedly Pin and find yourself attracted (to both online and offline).


1. Know your 3W's

Ask yourself:
1. What are you creating?
2. Who are you creating it for?
3. Why are you creating it?

I recommend answering these three...

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As a busy Mama-preneur, I’m all about time-saving tips and tricks for you to style and share your images with more confidence. In the quick video below I sharing five easy Canva hacks that will help you save time, have more fun and look like anything but a Canva-newby.



You’ll also find an easy screenshot summary to show you how to get the most from these Clever Hacks. 

Enjoy and, as always, let me know your thoughts (and tips) in the comments section below.


1. Get design inspiration

Type in /#design-stream in your Canva URL to see what others are creating in Canva. I share more tips on how to use this tool in the video.

Pro Tip: 
You’ll see the images of the profiles you follow first. 

2. Secret codes

Did you know there are two codes to bring up Canva’s Free Elements? (Whaaat?)

Type in the search box: “brand:BAAMOuJH0Ec” or “brand:BAAAAP7rQ8M”.

It will bring up only the free...

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