How to Create Your Facebook Group Cover in Canva

Your Facebook group cover is the VERY first thing new members will see when they click over to learn more about your group.

Does it communicate with clarity, cohesion (and class) what your group is all about?

If not, it’s time for us to get your cover connecting and converting for you! Pinky promise it’s easier than you think! Your group is not just another Facebook group - so don’t you dare look it!

1. Write your copy FIRST

In a previous post, How Facebook groups can seriously change your business, I talk about the importance of being clear about the purpose of your group and how it will benefit both you and your members.

It’s important to be clear on who your group is for, and what members can expect to learn from you.

In her course, Fab FB groups, Caitlin Bacher teaches about having a clear hook and valuable freebie exclusive for members.

Having a really good plan in writing (or a google doc) will help you know what copy will go in your graphic.

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How Facebook Groups Can Change Your Biz

Facebook groups — chances are you’re apart of many, and participate in a few, but don’t have your own.

And to that I ask: Why the heck not, gorgeous??

Hosting your own Facebook group is a fabulous way to engage genuinely with your tribe, showcase what you do best and gain new clients who already know they love your work!

Sound great but still scrambling around aimlessly wondering how to do yours right so people actually want to stick around?

Let’s have a chat.

1. Remember This Is Your First Impression

For many people, your Facebook group will be their first impression of you and how you present yourself is extremely important. Before you start spreading the word about your new (incredible) Facebook Group, make sure you:

  •  Have your graphics in order + polished.
  • Have a clear “about” written so people know what exactly they’ll gain from joining.
  • Get clear on a posting schedule that works not just for your schedule, but for your business...
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How to Make Facebook Great Again

Facebook has a bad rep these days.

A lot of what everyone’s saying is true: It can be majorly pay-to-play with the new algorithm changes, the constant barrage of “sell, sell, sell!” on your newsfeed can cause overwhelm and you may be thinking, “Do people even see my posts anymore?”

That being said, I still love Facebook and think it can be used as a great business tool for many reasons...when people utilize it correctly.

Here are a few ways I personally keep my Facebook mojo on the good-time train.

#1: I Go Live

Letting people see your beautiful face in business is a complete must! I’ve found that people want to see the human behind the screen and really relate to who they are, what they have to offer and get a peek into what their brand is like before they make a buying decision. If anything, going live is also a way to meet and network with boss babes who you may not have met otherwise! That’s a score in my book.

#2: I Keep Things...

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How to Bring in Leads Through Instagram

I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine: Instagram is my all-time fave marketing platform.

When I browse the feed it feels like a midday coffee break and when I indulge in others Instagram Stories it feels like a behind the scenes business sesh. But honestly? Growing your own Instagram can be hard work!

Between their ever-changing algorithms, the sky-high expectation of a perfect aesthetic and the wanting to show enough behind-the-scenes to look real but never enough to show all of the “oh-my-word” moments, it can be a struggle!

That’s why today I wanted to share some Instagram tips I’ve accumulated...because us boss babes need to stick together, right?

Tip #1: Go for the Goal

Like anything you do for your business, you should go in with your desired outcome in mind. What’s your goal for hopping on Insta? Getting more customers? Showing your potential clients how amazing you are? Growing your tribe of femmepreneurs? All of the...

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Design Your FB Banner in Three Easy Steps

Got the Facebook banner blues?

Your Facebook banner is the first thing visitors see when they land on your Facebook Page. It communicates for you when you're sleeping, hanging with your fam and when you're doing your Instagram stalking of #allthethings. 

Your banner gives your visitors an INSTANT vibe about whether they want to stay and hang out.

And, I'm pretty pumped to share that it's easy to design.

Never feel stuck on what to include on your banner graphic ever again and go from banner blues to banner beautiful. 

Here are 3 easy steps to design your Facebook banner:

Step 1: Choose a goal for your Banner

Why is this important? 
Choosing a goal for your visual keeps your graphic focused and limits overwhelm for your viewer. Try to choose ONE key main takeaway for every graphic.

Is your goal to share your tagline or clarity statement so that your visitors know what you do and who you serve, or are you promoting something? If you are...

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How to Create Your Instagram Strategy

We just can't get enough of ... 

Behind-the-scene glimpses on Instagram and Instagram stories. I am right?

And although it takes time to nail your Instagram Strategy. The best thing you can do is to plan and then refine, until you find a design and posting style that works best for you.

Planning in advance will help with the dreaded "what do I post question" and help you create a more consistent and cohesive feed.

Before Planoly*, I used to create my monthly strategy in Canva. I find it helpful to see how my quotes, tips or desk-selfies and life shots were all working together to give my peeps a feel for who I am. And just like your Mood Board, it helps you see what needs some adjusting.

If you want to use Canva to plan out your IG feed, here's how I suggest you do it!


Create a Pinterest Board and Pin ideas you like and that feel on brand.
Instagrammers want value from your IG posts, but they also want a visual treat.

They want to recognize...

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How to Create Your Own Desktop Calendar in Canva

Changing out my desktop background is one of FAVE things to do at the start of each month.

I've changed them out so often, that I know exactly what I like and what works for me. 


Something elegant and simple. Not visually busy and inspiring. Something that will motivate me to keep my desktop tidy and uncluttered. 

I've found a calendar to be super handy, and have recently added a section for my Top 3 goals. I like how they are always the first thing I see in the morning when I start my day.

(TIP: close your windows down at the end of your work day, so that you start your day with your pretty desktop image. #itsthellittlethings).

I also screen on videos often for Canva trainings and tutorials, and like the right-hand side uncluttered, so that I can make the screen view smaller on my IMac.

Do you like to have a calendar or a monthly mantra that you like to add? Do you prefer it on the right or the left.  I'd LOVE to hear your preferences in the comments...

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How to Create an Animated Graphic in Canva

You’ve seen them on Social Media, and you’re curious, “How on earth do I make a GIF?” Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs) are files that show animation or simple movement. They are a great way to add a little fun to your feed, show off some personality, stand out and change things up a bit.

They’re the perfect mix of the two leading forms of communication, visuals, and video.

So how on earth do you actually create your own unique GIF's without being a Photoshop or Techie wiz?

Watch this short training that I created for Think Creative Collective on 4 ways to create your own unique Gifs quickly and easily.  You can see the full post here.


Since this training, Canva has come out with a new animation feature that helps you create your animated videos even faster.  


 You can use the animated images in so many fun ways in your business.

Some examples include: 

  • Promote a blog post
  • Promote...
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How to Create Gorgeous Branded Patterns in Canva

One way to feel like your brand is the Belle of the Ball? Branded Patterns!

There are absolutely incredible ones you can find on Creative Market and Etsy, and the wonderful Rachel from Haute Stock also includes curated beautiful options in her monthly Graphics Pack.

Need them in your brand colors? Want to try your hand at creating your own? Canva has amazing options to your visuals to the next level!

Even better? You can create them custom!

Simply watch the video below to learn how to create your own branded + unique patterns using the power of Canva.


STEP 1: Select Your Design Size

Select the size you want to use for your pattern. Do you want a square, horizontal or vertical design? I usually create mine using 2500 x 2500 pixels.


STEP 2: Create Your Pattern

Option 1: Choose one of Canva’s existing patterns

Click to the elements or background tab + scroll down to see your options.

To make this easier, you can type “patterns” into the search box.

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Your Cure for Blurry Canva Design Syndrome

 Want to know what really just feels like stepping on legos?

Spending alllll the livelong day creating a new graphic in Canva, finally getting it just the way you had hoped and then...uploading it to your social media and finding out it looks blurry AF + not at all how you imagined. *cue facepalm*

If anyone gets it, love, it’s me. I have been there + dealt with the wrath of Canva on numerous occasions.

The very last thing I want you to pull your hair out over is graphics in Canva. Why? Because your brand should only portray how incredible your offerings truly are + you should feel super ready to take on the world of visuals in your biz.

And if you’re still stuck. See Canva’s help center - https://support.canva.com/troubleshooting/downloading/

So, let’s get right down to it, shall we? We’ll cover:

  • The Top 5 reasons your images look as fab as a Beyonce cover in Canva but like a blurry sh*tstorm on your social.
  • One word: Solutions! Get empowered...
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