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How to use Social Media Graphics to Promote your Opt-in

So you’ve finally created your first freebie — yay! You’ve put in the hard work and now you’re well on your way to growing your email list. Before you know it, you’ll have an engaged audience at your fingertips who can’t wait to receive all the wonderful value you have to give.

But here’s the thing, friend. It doesn’t matter how epic your opt-in is if nobody knows about it! The hardest part may be over, but now it’s time to share your freebie with your tribe, followers, and soon-to-be superfans.

To continue building your list over time, you need to consistently market your freebie — but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours a day getting it in front of your peeps.

I’m here to share tips on where to focus your efforts, and how you can use stunning social media graphics to get your opt-in noticed. I’ll also show you how you can batch-create visuals that you can reuse over and over again, saving you...

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Question! What did your first ever Instagram post look like? Valencia filter? Awkward cropping? Blurry selfie feat. the famous duck lips?

Go on, take a scroll! Time for a blast from the past. 

Mine looked a little something like this:

Ahhhh a foodie shot. Instagram in its prime. 

Was my quinoa salad on cauliflower delish? YES. Was it stop-the-scroll worthy? Nope.. Probably why it only got 12 likes.

One look at this photo and I know it’s not worthy of being an Insta ad. Even if you’ve never created a social media ad before, I bet you also knew that a photo of my lunch from 4 years ago is sooooo not worthy of paid promotion.  


SO, what does go into a good social media ad?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, I want you to know we’ve all been there. Even me!

The kick-ass biz owners you see killing it all over your social feeds didn’t wake up one day knowing exactly how to design + write an amazing Facebook ad. It comes...

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You want to stand out on Instagram.

But how can you do that with just a photo and without spending hours creating a puzzle grid?

Don't worry, I know a few ways you can stop your followers in their tracks and give you all the double taps!


yIn this video, I'm going to show you four other ways you can post to your grid to make a visual impact, that's not just a photo or a puzzle grid.

1. Make Use of Multi Photos

Multi Photo is when it has a little icon on the right hand side and you can swipe through. This works really well if you have tips in a blog post or piece of content and you want your subscribers to scroll through and read them.

You can create a beautiful graphic and then have them swipe left to see the rest of the tips, so they can click to read more, learn more or download. These are really easy to create since you just have to create your graphic and repurpose content on a freebie or blog post that you already have.

2. Carousel...

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Want to make an impact with your visuals, but not sure what platform to focus on first?

You're not alone, friend. I hear this ALL the time.

To streamline your graphics, it's important to set a goal and then to create the visuals to support that goal. That way things get done faster and you can move on to your other social media channels with more clarity, confidence and consistency.

It also feels less intimidating for you or your team, and keeps you from going down the Canva rabbit hole, so you can focus on other areas of your business that you love.

Wondering what graphics to create or for which platform?

Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

Where do you connect with the largest, most interactive part of your audience?

What platform have you sold most of your products or services on or what platform do you WANT to?

What platform do you have the most access to and most experience with?

The best place for you to share your graphics starts with a platform that...

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I’m obsessed with moodboards.

They’re such a great way to gather inspiration for a room makeover, a fun DIY project, your business branding, client work or even a brand photoshoot.

In your business, your mood board sets the tone for your branding. It’s the best tool to help you create your signature style for your business.


Why it’s so important

THE MAIN BENEFIT: Creating your mood board (phase 1) and then your brand board (phase 2) will help keep you focused, so you don’t wing your visuals and change out your brand elements (colors, fonts, photos etc.) As a result, it will be easier and faster to create your visuals and look more professional and consistent online. #winning!

In short: If you don’t have a mood board for your business, you need one stat sister.  

Other helpful benefits:

  • It instantly boosts your credibility as you look more pulled together online.

  • Helps you save time and keep your sanity. Often when we don’t...

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You’ve done the hard part.

You’ve thought about how you can best help your ideal clients, created the templates in Canva + figured out how to sell them in your shop.

But the next part?

You’re still scrambling trying to figure out how to let your peeps know they’re ready to roll — without having to bombard them with cold calls or an expensive advertising campaign.

Wondering how to market your Canva templates, love?


First things first, email marketing.

Using your newsletter list is a must when getting your products out into the world.

Some advice:

  • For every blog post you write, whip-up a corresponding newsletter that gives value but leads them to ONE clear call-to-action…
  • Which reminds me: Always have a CTA! And make it extremely clear what it is —  using fun branded buttons is great for this.
  • Create email campaigns. Email campaigns typically have a sequence of 3-5 emails that all feed into each other to lead to an ultimate...
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When most people think about branding they think of perfectly chosen colors and logos that are as recognizable as the greats — Nike + Coca-Cola, we’re looking at you! But really, babe, it’s so much more. So how is a business owner supposed to know what’s important when creating a brand that shines and what’s not? 

Today, I sat down and created a list of the 5 top tips I wanted to shout from the rooftops (or really, my porch in Colorado ;) - there’s even cows ).


Here they are: 

1. Think About The Customer Experience

When you consider how your customer will be interacting with your brand, you can better decide how to make your website the most functional. What social media platforms are best to focus on, the kind of content medium they prefer — emails or blogs? Tweets or Lives? Blogs vs videos? — and the list goes on.

Next time you go to update your website or social pages I recommend looking at it from a...

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As we head into launch season, I think it’s more important than ever that we have systems and content in place to make things as smooth as possible. After all, have you ever wanted to get something out into the world for your biz and later realized that you overlooked a key component — like visuals or important email copy? Stress city.

(I totally don’t speak from experience *nervous laughs*)

There are many components to a successful launch, but the one I’m a stickler on? You may have guessed it…



When sharing about your launch everything about it has to be in tip-top shape, including the visuals.

So where must you have standout visuals? Read below and download the free checklist, before you press “LIVE” on your next big reveal. xo


1. Social Media

I know, the big Kahuna (+ the one you’ve likely thought of already) but when it comes to social media, well curated graphics are an absolute must. You’ll want to...

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In my last post we discussed how to make Pinterest work for your business, but in this post I wanted to cover another important thing that so many people using the platform for business overlook: How to Style Your Pinterest.

But what’s a boss lady to do when they’re unsure how to style their Pinterest page to the likes of Jenna Kutcher or the Tone It Up girls?

I’ve gotcha covered, love.


1. Aesthetic

At the top of my list is the overall aesthetic. When creating visuals for your social media platforms, you have to think about your branding — because it has to reflect all of the hard effort you’re already putting in. Keep in mind your brand colors, fonts + style of photos that makes you, you — your visuals should echo the same fab vibe you usually give off.

One of my tips? 

Pull up your mood board and design your Pinterest visuals in Canva side by side! If your images were apart of the same fashion show, would they all be from the...

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I’m curious, love. When’s the last time you evaluated your blog visuals?

Are you still going with the same style you did when you first started way-back-when?

Do you know you need an upgrade but just don’t know where on Earth to start?

I know how alllll of that feels (because I have been. there.) and that’s why today I wanted to whip-up a short + sweet post on the four blog graphics you need to make your latest post the Belle of the Pinterest-Worthy Ball.

Let’s get to it, yeah?


1. A Feature Image

Your feature image should include your blog title and a tagline if you think it needs a little extra explanation — and don’t forget to make sure it keeps with your brand aesthetic! This one is numero uno because it can also double as the image that you use to post to Facebook. #winning


2. Your Pinterest Visual

With Pinterest’s power to do incredible things for your biz right now (you can checkout how I utilize it here) this...

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