How to Pull Off a Cohesive Brand without Being a Copycat

Standing out online can be challenging. 

We all want our ideal audience to take notice and click on our images, instead of mindlessly scrolling through their feeds. So how can you be more consistent with your visual approach. Is there is a step-by-step process to creating visuals for your business that actually match?

A picture is worth a thousands words, but before you can paint it, you need to know your why. You are connecting with your ideal client on an emotional level with your branding, so this refining (and continual refining) is crucial before you can play matchy-matchy with your images.

If you feel like you have your person and you purpose, in the (gucci) bag, then head on over to Think Creative Collective Blog where I share 5 easy ways to creating a consistent and cohesive brand, without being a copycat.

A brand that’s going to gain you all the right followers, is a skill the TCC girls have totally mastered, and one they pull off seamlessly day after day. Their strategy is amazingly simple and totally doable (yep, even for you and your biz!). 

So let's create and maintain a standard for your biz that you’re proud to stand behind.

Learn about their secret (or not so secret ways) including: 

  • How to work your branding elements and how they do this perfectly.
  • How to use high-quality images, and what to do if you've got a shaky camera hand.
  • How to repurpose your images because it's kinda smart (repetition used right, works magic).
  • Switch Photoshop (other design tool) with Canva and become a graphic designing whiz (I can show you!).
  • How to add personality to your headlines and hone your own badass blogging skills.

By following these simple steps, you can craft a brand (and look) that’s unique, cohesive, classy and inspiring. Just like our beloved TCC. 

I'll see you over on their blog. If you found the post helpful, please leave me message and share it with your tribe. I'm on a mission to make the internet a prettier place, one Canva visual at a time.

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