How to Create Your Mood Board in Canva

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I’m obsessed with moodboards.

They’re such a great way to gather inspiration for a room makeover, a fun DIY project, your business branding, client work or even a brand photoshoot.

In your business, your mood board sets the tone for your branding. It’s the best tool to help you create your signature style for your business.


Why it’s so important

THE MAIN BENEFIT: Creating your mood board (phase 1) and then your brand board (phase 2) will help keep you focused, so you don’t wing your visuals and change out your brand elements (colors, fonts, photos etc.) As a result, it will be easier and faster to create your visuals and look more professional and consistent online. #winning!

In short: If you don’t have a mood board for your business, you need one stat sister.  

Other helpful benefits:

  • It instantly boosts your credibility as you look more pulled together online.

  • Helps you save time and keep your sanity. Often when we don’t have a mood board in place we’re just winging our visuals, we start over every.single.time and all our visuals look different.

  • Having a mood board helps us to get clear on who we're trying to attract through our visuals.

  • It shows your tribe that you take your branding and graphics seriously because you invested the time to create a look and feel for your business and branding.

  • It’s all in one place and as a result, helps you see what needs adjusting. Not to mention it's a great feeling seeing your vision come together.
  • Helps you create your visual recipe as you streamline your graphics. Fancy.

When I started my business, my branding did not look pulled together at all. I didn’t infuse my business with my mission statement or core values.  I didn’t know that I had to. But that’s how we learn. And it’s perfectly fine if you didn’t know either. Because a brand is something you become and grow into.

The more clarity you have about your business and tribe, the easier it is to pull these elements together.

My mission is to put you in the driver's seat of your own branding + graphics. We can’t all work with designers, but we can still learn how to create gorgeous, easy visuals without it looking like a toddler designed it. 

In this video, I show you how to create your own gorgeous and effective mood board in Canva 2.0.


IN A NUTSHELL: Gather images in a secret Pinterest board. Upload your inspiration to Canva's color palette tool and create your unique color palette + mood board. 

Let's break it down

STEP 1: Know your mission statement, core values and brand words

Having clarity on these will help you make the right decisions and choose your brand elements accordingly. It impacts every brand decision you make in your business.

Choose these 3 things before you start creating the rest of your mood board:

  • Mission Statement
  • Core Values (your top 5)
  • Brand words (3-5) 

Questions to ask yourself:
1. What do I do?
2. Why do I do it?
3. What are my core values?
4. How do I want my brand to FEEL?
5. What adjectives would I use to describe my and?
6. How would I describe my brand to a close friend?

REPLY in the comments with your brand words. I can’t wait to learn about them.



STEP 2: Gather Images in a Pinterest board.
  1. Close the extra tabs on your computer, set a timer and start collecting + pinning ideas, images, textures and fonts that appeal to you, based on your mission statement, core values, ideal client and brand words.
    Note: You can also pick up a few magazines from your fave bookstore and rip out the pages that you feel drawn to (see this awesome exercise here). It helps to have your brand words close by.

  2. Go through and pin images from your Ideal clients point of view. What would she be attracted to? Colors, your brand words, photos, lifestyle, etc.

  3. Go through your images and remove your least favorite ones. A theme will start to develop that will set the tone for your project. What similarities do you notice? What colors are you picking up on?


Step 3: Save out your top 5-10 images and pull them into Canva

Create a folder or use an existing one in Canva to keep all of your moodboard inspiration together. I bet it’s already looking so gorgeous! Save Pinterest images to a folder on Dropbox or your Desktop (Label it: biz moodboard Month Year).

Step 4: Create your mood board

Inside of Canva go to Elements and look at the layouts available. Choose your favorite one and start dragging your photos into the frames. They will snap right in. I like to play some music, diffuse some oils and get into a creative space.

Keep playing until it looks and feels just right.

Step 5: Create your color palette

Look for similar colors or one specific color that shows up in most of your images.  Or pull your mood board or fave images into a color palette generator. Your Color palette is one of the first key elements of your brand board (phase 2)

What is the difference between a brand and a mood board?
A brand board is a place where you put all your brand elements so you can see them in one place. Brand elements include your main logo, sub-logos, color palette, patterns, fonts and icons. 

You did it! I love seeing what you create, tag me at @NicholetteStyles on Instagram and Facebook so I can see your gorgeous designs.

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Resources mentioned

My Branding + Graphics Pinterest Board

Canva color palette generator

Colorzilla for Chrome

Color palette: brand seasons by Saffron Avenue

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