FIVE UNDER FIVE: How to Simplify Graphic Creation

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Something I hear a lot as a graphic designer? Biz owners feeling super stuck on their graphics + the perpetual question: How do I create amazing looking graphics faster?

I’ll tell you, the last thing I want you to do is feel like you’re going to pull your beautiful DryBar blowout strands out of your head every time you sit down to create a new visual + that’s why today I’m sharing a training that will knock your socks off!

This training will:

  • Save you time.
  • Save you money.
  • And make your brand look bangin’, babe.


  • How to create a “design recipe” by using your brand elements
  • How to repeat that concept for all of your other graphics
  • How to save time + simplify batching graphics for your biz
  • How to create a consistent look + feel with your visuals.

I personally start off by creating one image for my upcoming blog post + then I let that image inspire the rest of my images that I’ll later to use to promo my post (say that ten times fast!)



Whether you’re starting from the bottom or working from a template, you must remember to add visual cues + concepts so that your brand is recognizable to your peeps.

In this video, you can see how I mimic the basic layout of my Recipe Book Training to create a custom “Pin It” image that feels cohesive with my brand.



You can use Canva’s amazing “Magic Resize” feature to create duplicate images in varying sizes, or you can “drag” your new design into your preset tempalte + adjust the design accordingly.

To do this, go to: Layouts > All Your Designs > Find the Pinterest post image you just created.

Then, drag it into your new design + adjust.

Both options are a fabulous way to save time (an extra hour of playing with my little guy is motivation enough for me!) + I personally go with option number two as I want to make sure all of my visuals are consistent with existing images I use on a particular platform.



Here, you’ll see me replicate the same steps as I did with the previous image, making it easier to create a consistent look with my visuals. Because I created them all in the same session, it also allows me to see how they’ll work together + which images may require some adaptation.

You can do this by swapping out your background image for a plain color to changing out the main color for an accent color. Voila!



Now, your Insta image is going to be dependent on my visual strategy for the ‘Gram. One idea is to do lifestyle shots with images for tips + videos in between or you could use the same image for Instagram as you use in your blog post.

My advice is to do what or you + your brand and do what’s easy to stick with.


5. MOCK UP IMAGE (03:51)

A mock-up image is simple visual you can use to promote your blog post on your social media channels. You can reference this blog post to make your own (super profesh) looking mock-ups.


And there you have it, love.

Five simple image ideas to help promote your next blog post lickity split.

If you would rather have personal templates to play around with, you can hop on over here.


I want to know, babe: What questions do you have around creating visuals that “wow?!”

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