Beautiful stock photography has the power to transform your branding.

When I feel creatively stuck in my business,  I love going into my favorite stock sites (like Haute Chocolate*) and let myself get inspired by the pretty photography. The attention to detail. The story in the image, and the way it makes me feel.

A single trip to Anthropologie has the same effect. It’s like a gift to my creativity.  I go from feeling stuck to inspired in seconds. 



A beautiful, meaningful and functional image has the power, to give life to your biz visuals and make your ideal client stop scrolling and pay attention to your message.

The right style of photography, the right look-and-feel, can lead to more engagement and when paird with your branding in the right way, can set you apart from everyone else.

We just can’t help but feel drawn to images that you carefully selected, crafted and shared with us. You visual vision for your business is inspiring to us. 

Hence the popularity of Instagram, and how many hours we can loose on Pinterest. 

Images are powerful and the right visual can say so much more in one single second. 

I wanted to give you some new images to play with, and feel inspired by. I know online stock photos – the ones that make you stop and pay attention, come at a price  – you do get what you pay for after all, and there’s a lot of work (+ prop schlepping) that go into one effective, gorgeous image.

But, since I love playing with props and pretty desk accessories I wanted to give you some free stock images to use in your next Biz graphic. 


The stock images can be used to create fun quote cards images, there’s ample “white space” in many of them to add your own text (perfect for Pinterest graphics), you can create blog headers, promo graphics, social media icons or just a used them for your Trello Backgrounds*.

If you’re struggling to create pretty (and consistent) visuals for your Business, I can help. Click here to get access to these free Styled Stock images PLUS other Fab Resources to build your brand beautifully.

I can’t wait to see what you create. Come show me here.

Big love + styling inspo,

1. * These are affiliate links 

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