Home Styling Tips That Work for Your Visuals Too

Home is where the heart is, so it’s no surprise that your home affects your energy and creativity... maybe even more than you know.

Just one glance around a home filled with things you love – a gorgeous hand-stitched pillow, a stunning throw, or that one-of-a-kind coffee table – can help fire up your productivity and creativity, while also fostering peaceful and welcoming vibes. 

A well-decorated and well-designed home is about so much more than good looks. Your everyday spaces can boost your energy, lift your mood, and promote your overall happiness, not to mention affect your productivity. And, when your home is well organized, you're pretty much unstoppable (or at least that little bit more able to stop showing up late to brunch or your kid’s soccer practice).

On the other hand, a home where the design is less than stellar, a space that’s just a little short of pulled together, has the opposite effect: it can leave you feeling overwhelmed,...

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How to Create Your Stylish Ebook Template in Canva

Steps to launch a stylish e-book that your ideal clients will love! 

  STEP 1: Pick a topic you're crazy passionate about from your Trello #ideas board. 
  STEP 2: Pour your soul’s secrets into a Google Doc (with the help of many caffeine-fueled late nights).

...STEP 3: Transform it into a beautifully designed and branded, ready-to-download, PDF for your peeps (or not!) 

If you want to create an awesome ebook for your tribe, but don't know where to start – or you’re wondering if it's even possible to whip it up in Canva – you're in the right place.

In this short training video I share 3 easy steps to creating your ebook effortlessly in Canva.

We'll also cover:

  • The first thing you need to do before you get started with your...
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How to Pull Off a Cohesive Brand without Being a Copycat

Standing out online can be challenging. 

We all want our ideal audience to take notice and click on our images, instead of mindlessly scrolling through their feeds. So how can you be more consistent with your visual approach. Is there is a step-by-step process to creating visuals for your business that actually match?

A picture is worth a thousands words, but before you can paint it, you need to know your why. You are connecting with your ideal client on an emotional level with your branding, so this refining (and continual refining) is crucial before you can play matchy-matchy with your images.

If you feel like you have your person and you purpose, in the (gucci) bag, then head on over to Think Creative Collective Blog where I share 5 easy ways to creating a consistent and cohesive brand, without being a copycat.

A brand that’s going to gain you all the right followers, is a skill the TCC girls have totally mastered, and one they pull...

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I love how Tamsen reminds me “Every business decision has a legal impact”.

I’ll be honest. For a long time, I saw the legal side of my business, as something I would get to when I had time. As an admin task that would always remain on my running to-do list.


But then I read somewhere and noticed for myself that not only is it super important and your job as a business owner to be safe and to do your research, but it also helps you to be seen to be more professional by your ideal clients.

All the Biz Babes that I loved online had their legal shit sorted.

I loved that about them. It made me feel like they were legit. They took the time to get it figured out.

Part of me felt (or was concerned), that being legal in my business, was going to cost me more money (even though I knew it might end up saving me tons more).

ENTER: Tamsen Horton.

Tamsen is my go-to legal expert, mom of two boys, and the best legal teacher I could have asked for.

She just has a way to...

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Stress-Free Branding for Newbies

Want to create graphics for your business that actually match?

Images that work together? Images that connect, stand out and have your ideal clients stop scrolling and start paying attention to your message? 

Let’s break down your branding into 3 easy steps, without you feeling puzzled and even more overwhelmed, so you can finally pick your colors, fonts and images with confidence.


With so many things to consider, like your why, ideal client, your values etc. let's just zone in one important question.

What do you want your ideal clients to FEEL when they land on your website?
What do you want them to feel when they see your images on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest? 

Pick 3-5 words. These will become your brand words. 
Edit them down until you have the 3-5 words that you cannot part with.

Think of how you feel when you’re on your fave sites.  What would be so freaking fab to accomplish feeling-wise when you ideal client...

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3 Tips for Your Next Canva Quote Card

One of my favorite social media branding images to design for clients is a quote card. 

You can be super creative with a quote card and once you've created your Brand Kit and Mood Board, it’s so much easier. 

If you want to create consistency across all your graphics, start by creating a design recipe for yourself by following these three important tips below.  

By starting with your quote card, you’ll notice what you like, how your branding elements (fonts, colors, images, and patterns) play together and you'll also get a sense of your own design style (even if you're just starting out!).

Creating your own design style definitely takes time and practice, and it also helps paying attention to the images you repeatedly Pin and find yourself attracted (to both online and offline).


1. Know your 3W's

Ask yourself:
1. What are you creating?
2. Who are you creating it for?
3. Why are you creating it?

I recommend answering these three...

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As a busy Mama-preneur, I’m all about time-saving tips and tricks for you to style and share your images with more confidence. In the quick video below I sharing five easy Canva hacks that will help you save time, have more fun and look like anything but a Canva-newby.



You’ll also find an easy screenshot summary to show you how to get the most from these Clever Hacks. 

Enjoy and, as always, let me know your thoughts (and tips) in the comments section below.


1. Get design inspiration

Type in /#design-stream in your Canva URL to see what others are creating in Canva. I share more tips on how to use this tool in the video.

Pro Tip: 
You’ll see the images of the profiles you follow first. 

2. Secret codes

Did you know there are two codes to bring up Canva’s Free Elements? (Whaaat?)

Type in the search box: “brand:BAAMOuJH0Ec” or “brand:BAAAAP7rQ8M”.

It will bring up only the free...

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