How to Create a Totally Irresistible Offer [Prep for More Sales Series — Part 1 of 5]

In this ‘Prep for More Sales’ blog series, I’m sharing five days worth of easy tweaks you can make to optimize your sales page and get yourself ready for your most profitable sale ever! Each of these super actionable quick wins can be implemented in 20 minutes or less and will have a HUGE impact on the conversions + clarity of your page. Let’s get that money, honey!

Whether it’s your first sale or your fifth, it’s easy to feel stuck when it comes to creating an offer your peeps can get excited about. We’re surrounded by offers and promotions and content all the time, and it can be hard to cut through all that noise and focus on what’s really going to work for your biz. 

What does it take for an offer to be totally irresistible?



Well, for starters, it doesn’t mean you have to offer a whopping 50% discount just because your fave retailer is doing it. Spoiler alert: especially if this is a Black Friday...

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Best Gifts for the Creative Entrepreneur

Finding the perfect gift for the creative entrepreneur in your life can be so difficult, am I right? 

Take it from me — if a creative biz owner could ask Santa for anything for Christmas, it would probably be a 1:1 sesh with that Pinterest coach she’s obsessed with. Or a super-organized VA who’s also a mind-reader. Or, you know, just an extra hour in her day!  

If she handed you a wishlist full of the things she really wanted, you would probably be like… huh?

 Sure you could go with the good old fashioned Amazon or Starbucks gift card, or another scarf from that local boutique she loves. But if you really want to wow her this Christmas, I’ve got just the thing (or things) you need.

This gift guide for creative entrepreneurs is FULL of things I think every hardworking #BossBabe deserves in her life. Not just the things she needs but the things that are going to help her put a little bit of balance + self-care in her busy life....

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How to create a gift guide for your blog — FREE Canva Template

If you’ve always wanted to create a gift guide for your blog, social media community, or email list, you’re going to love today’s Canva training! I’m showing you exactly how to create your own wow-worthy gift guides in Canva.

Gift guides are a great way to save your peeps tons of time falling down the Google rabbit hole searching for the perfect gift ideas or resources. They’re super popular during the holiday season, but you can use them to provide value and drive more traffic to your website all year round — think sales, launches, Black Friday promos, Small Business Saturday, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day and (WAY) more!

It’s also a great (visual) way for you to showcase some online biz babes you love, highlight amazing deals (or affiliate products), or just share the products you use on the daily in your life and biz. The ideas are endless!


Why you should create a gift guide for your blog

Here are some of the reasons I love...

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How to Speed Up your Graphics Creation with Canva Templates [Streamline Your Graphics Series - Part 4 of 4]

We made it, friend! We’re officially on Part 4 of the Streamline Your Graphics series. How much fun has this been?! I don’t really want it to end!

So far in the series, you’ve learned: 

  1. How to ensure brand consistency in your graphics 
  2. How to DIY your graphics without them looking DIY
  3. How to Marie Kondo your Canva Pro setup 
  4. How to speed up your graphics creation with Canva template (this post)

I’ve saved my very best secret for last, because today I’m going to show you how you can use Canva Templates to build on what you’ve already created, saving yourself ALL the time when creating new content to WOW your peeps online. 

I’m not just talking about the templates you’ll find in The Canva Template Shop. I’m also going to show you how you can create your very own templates, so you can stop wasting valuable time, energy, and brain space starting from scratch every time.



Trust me on this one, babe...

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How to DIY Your Graphics Without them Looking DIY [Streamline Your Graphics Series - Part 2 of 4]

Hey, friend, and welcome back to the ‘Streamline Your Graphics’ series. If you’re new here, I’m showing you exactly how to streamline your graphic creation process, so you can create profesh-looking, on-brand graphics in half the time, using Canva!

In this series, you’ll learn:

  1. How to ensure brand consistency in your graphics 
  2. How to DIY your graphics without them looking DIY (this post right here, yay!)
  3. How to Marie Kondo your Canva Pro setup
  4. How to speed up your graphics creation with Canva templates



If you’ve gone through Part 1 and have your brand elements all figured out (and hopefully printed off somewhere so you can show off all the gorgeousness), you’re probably like… now what?

“This is awesome, Nicholette. But… I know nothing about design. How do I use my brand elements to create scroll-stopping graphics that don’t look like a 3-year-old put them together?”

I so get it,...

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How to Marie Kondo your Canva Pro Setup [Streamline Your Graphics Series - Part 3 of 4]

Wondering how to create eye-catching graphics for your business without spending hours searching for the right stock photo, or trying to find that sticky note where you keep your brand colors? Well, you’re in the right place, friend! 

In my ‘Streamline Your Graphics’ series, I’m showing you exactly how to streamline your graphic creation process, so you can create scroll-stopping graphics in half the time, using Canva!

In this series, you’ll learn:

  1. How to ensure brand consistency in your graphics 
  2. How to DIY your graphics without them looking DIY 
  3. How to Marie Kondo your Canva Pro setup (this post right here, yay!)
  4. How to speed up your graphics creation with Canva template

So far, we’ve looked at what it takes to design profesh-looking graphics (even if you have zero design experience) and the importance of keeping things consistent. 



But here’s the deal. It doesn’t matter how good you get at design...

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How to Ensure Brand Consistency in Your Graphics [Streamline Your Graphics Series - Part 1 of 4]

Create your visual brand system - aka the heart of your biz 

Here’s a truth bomb for you, friend:

If you want your biz to stand out online, you need eye-catching, scroll-stopping graphics. 

Your visuals help you get seen and heard in the crowded online world — not to mention make a great first, second and third impression with your dream clients. And if your graphics aren’t on point, you can lose those dream clients in a sea of puzzled-together graphics. 

But you already know all this. I’m preachin’ to the choir here. You know you need beautiful, attention-grabbing, on-brand graphics… but creating them doesn’t always come easy, am I right?

I know it can feel SO easy to give up after a few “failed” attempts. You spend hours hunched over your laptop, squinting at the screen, trying to move things around to make something that looks ‘just okay’, only to put it out into the world and only get a double-tap...

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How to use Social Media Graphics to Promote your Opt-in

So you’ve finally created your first freebie — yay! You’ve put in the hard work and now you’re well on your way to growing your email list. Before you know it, you’ll have an engaged audience at your fingertips who can’t wait to receive all the wonderful value you have to give.

But here’s the thing, friend. It doesn’t matter how epic your opt-in is if nobody knows about it! The hardest part may be over, but now it’s time to share your freebie with your tribe, followers, and soon-to-be superfans.

To continue building your list over time, you need to consistently market your freebie — but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours a day getting it in front of your peeps.

I’m here to share tips on where to focus your efforts, and how you can use stunning social media graphics to get your opt-in noticed. I’ll also show you how you can batch-create visuals that you can reuse over and over again, saving you...

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5 Tips to Make Your Ads Stand Out

Question! What did your first ever Instagram post look like? Valencia filter? Awkward cropping? Blurry selfie feat. the famous duck lips?

Go on, take a scroll! Time for a blast from the past. 

Mine looked a little something like this:

Ahhhh a foodie shot. Instagram in its prime. 

Was my quinoa salad on cauliflower delish? YES. Was it stop-the-scroll worthy? Nope.. Probably why it only got 12 likes.

One look at this photo and I know it’s not worthy of being an Insta ad. Even if you’ve never created a social media ad before, I bet you also knew that a photo of my lunch from 4 years ago is sooooo not worthy of paid promotion.  


SO, what does go into a good social media ad?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, I want you to know we’ve all been there. Even me!

The kick-ass biz owners you see killing it all over your social feeds didn’t wake up one day knowing exactly how to design + write an amazing Facebook ad. It comes...

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4 Other Ways to Post on Your Grid to Make a Visual Impact

You want to stand out on Instagram.

But how can you do that with just a photo and without spending hours creating a puzzle grid?

Don't worry, I know a few ways you can stop your followers in their tracks and give you all the double taps!


In this video, I'm going to show you four other ways you can post to your grid to make a visual impact, that's not just a photo or a puzzle grid.

1. Make Use of Multi Photos

Multi Photo is when it has a little icon on the right hand side and you can swipe through. This works really well if you have tips in a blog post or piece of content and you want your subscribers to scroll through and read them.

You can create a beautiful graphic and then have them swipe left to see the rest of the tips, so they can click to read more, learn more or download. These are really easy to create since you just have to create your graphic and repurpose content on a freebie or blog post that you already have.

2. Carousel...

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