5 Reasons Your Brand Needs Trello

It’s no secret that your tribe recognizes you by your brand, gorgeous.

Whether it’s the colors you choose, the fonts you carefully select or the content you post, it’s vital that you go in with an organized action plan that makes the people in your community say, “Whoa this chic is amazing!!”

Sound great but not quite sure where to even begin at organization it all? I use and LOVE Trello to keep all my go-to brand resources in one convenient place.

And, I’ve put together a list of my Top 5 reasons your Brand might love and need Trello too.

Let’s get right into the nitty-gritty, shall we?

1. It’s board feature rocks

Trello allows you organize your tasks by board and it has been a game changer in my biz. I love that I can now see my tasks and even organize them to make sure I’m reaching my bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals!

2. Organize by color

This may seem rudimentary, but friends!? I never realized how badly I needed this tool in my life! Instead of past platforms, I’ve used where I’ve had to search endlessly for a task I knew I added but just couldn’t find where I can now find waht I need at-a-glance! My visual brain loves this and when you take out the little time-sucks and decisions you need to make, it pays off big time.

TIP: You can organize cards by color either making my own labels in Canva or ... use Trello's color labels like a boss. 

3. SubTasks

This little baby makes my (and my team’s) heart pitter-patter. Using other systems I always struggled with “Did I begin on this?”  With Trello’ subtask features I can now label a task as normal and add subtasks to it so I know how far I got on the project or where it’s stored. 

For instance: when writing this blog post I had “Thing 1 | Thing 2 | Thing 3...etc.” all listed out so I could break to spend time with my little and then hop back on the writing train. 

4. Easily Editable

Push a task back? Need to move a card from your tasks to a team member's?  This is another reason I adore Trello. Its drag and drops feature allows me to move things around with ease — and its simple interface lets me see this no prob.

5. Allows me to keep everything in one place

Before Trello all of the bits of my biz were scattered around on different platforms, now my fonts, mission statement and even that dang professional bio I can never seem to find are all tucked away neatly. Major score!

And I’ve created something to help you start living the incredible #TrelloLife too? A complete Trello Brand Board package!

All you have to do is copy the board to your own Trello account and you’ll finally have it all in one convenient spot. No more scattered pieces. Yay!

This board also contains time-saving checklists to help you create all your graphics (from social media to blogs to special events (like free challenges), an easy-to-follow batching plan to help you create graphics ahead of schedule and space to store copywriting elements you always seem to need in a pinch.

Bing. Bang. Bam.
You can get it delivered to you lickity-split by clicking here + let me know in the comments → do you love and use Trello? xoN


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