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Do you ever feel like you’re never quite in love with your graphics and you can't figure out a system for your visuals OR how other biz babes run their empires, tend to their families (+ perfectly-curled hair) and still have time for Sunday brunch?

As the reigning queen of Canva, shortcuts + keeping things beautifully organized, I’ve got solutions that will help you create the brand, biz and even that Shop  you're only just vision boarding about. 

Don't get me wrong I L-O-V-E vision boards (+ other high vibe habits), but I want to help you stand out from that scroll, love on + serve your tribe and focus your time where you SHINE.

Sound fun? I pinky promise this whole graphics game doesn’t have to be so hard.

more than just visuals (my story)

In just 3 years, I created a sustainable online business helping my tribe use Canva to create scroll-stopping graphics that magnetize dream clients + sell their services even while they’re in the school pick up line.  But let’s back up ....

2000  ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯  Discovers passion for style + design at young age. Travels world. Studies. Meets boy.

2008  ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯  Works at lifestyle magazines. Styles food. First website. Marries boy. Moves to NYC from Cape Town.  Devours all.things kale + coaching.

2012  ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯  Moves to Denver. New Mama. Second website. Health coach to tired moms. Styles homes. IVF x 3. Discovers Canva✨.

2015  ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯  Canva Designer + Mentor. Styles visuals. Third website. Launches first Canva Course. Launches Template Shop. 

2017  ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯  Streamlines Biz + Shop. Helps other Canva Designers launch + scale their shop + design their #bestlives. More unsuccessful IVF. Sad.

2019 ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ Works as Creative Director for established biz owners to set up, design + streamline their Kajabi sites, programs, launch strategy and better systems for their brand, graphics +  their teams. Sexy.

Today:  I'm so blessed to work with female entrepreneurs to create visuals + brands they (and their clients) love, build their sustainable online empires and design their own  Pinterest-worthy lives.

It also looks like taking time off guilt-free to get a blowout at the Drybar, volunteer in my boy’s classroom, be home (+ present) on early release days and even enjoy spontaneous lunch dates with my main squeeze or coffee chats with girlfriends, without freaking out about the time I need to make it all fit.

I LOVE that I've been able to help 1000's of entrepreneurs profit from their passion with gorgeous easy to whip up graphics through my shop + templates, courses and personal mentorship.

fun facts

My party trick is folding a chicken out of a dinner napkin (skill!) | I almost can't work without putting essential oils in my diffuser.
I KonMaried before it was cool on Netflix | My love language is bubble baths, the CO 🏔 + a generous pour of red | I'm a Manifesting Generator.

core values + mission

mission: to visually inspire, support + encourage female business owners to stand out + sell out without burn out.

My core motivator has and always will be the freedom + flexibility to never miss out on snow days, snuggles, last minute travel plans + all the other fun + messy parts in between. I want to model for my son that you can chase after (+ are worthy of) any dream placed in your heart, but that the present moment + the journey is where the magic's at ✨.

I've learned the hard way is that our business is only as healthy as we are. We take on many roles + say yes to  wonderful opportunities, but it's important to know that we are the designers of our lives. Pause often and make sure that what you have allowed into your life + onto your plates, is there for the right reasons.

In your visuals, your schedule, and every day spaces. Don't over crowd it. Only keep what "sparks joy" and always add some extra wiggle room.

This journey can be so isolating and yet the people who get me the most - live inside my computer screen. Cultivating + nurturing relationships both on- and offline can be hard when your life is already so full. But the time invested is so worth it, friend. So plan that retreat, or in-person coffee date, sign up for the virtual co-work sesh and use your scroll time more intentionally to love on another biz babe. The small steps add up. 

I've spent the majority of my life believing everything worth while had to be hard. I'm still in that habit of making things WAY more complicated than necessary. Thank goodness for my hubby, team + coaches.  I've decided that I’m not going to spin my head into this BS story anymore. People don't want my perfection. They want ME happy, in flow and connected to what makes me shine. And the universe cannot resist a woman so fiercely committed to herself + her purpose. So, dear friend. Will you join me in playing in the space of EASE? Send me a message on Insta.






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