If you've got big, bold ideas but aren't sure quite how to take action on them...

Then pull up a seat, love. Because I’ve been exactly where you are and I want to show you how easy (and beautiful) taking imperfect action can be.

Here’s what I know about you:

You’re freakin’ brilliant

That beautiful brain of yours is overflowing with ideas for the life and business you want. You’re a woman on a mission, and nothing’s going to stand in your way. I love that about you.

You know having a rich life is about more than just your bottom line

It’s being able to pop your laptop in a tote bag + grabbing a mid-week mani with your bestie. Or going for a hike in nature with your fur babies. (Whatever you’re doing, you’re not worrying that your biz will fall apart if you’re not at your desk for 6+ hours a day.)

You love what you do... and you’re darn good at it, too

You want to spend more of your valuable time doing that, and less time tackling to-do’s that are outside of your zone of genius (or your interests, for that matter.)

You’re also smart, crazy smart

Which means you’re not here for quick fixes or the newest, trendiest strategies. You’re here to build something that lasts.

In other words...

You’re ready for an online business that feels like an extension of you, gives you the freedom to live a rich life, and creates lasting wealth and impact.

You're ready for more

More ease

More joy

More alignment

More lasting wealth

I can help you get there — because I've been where you are.

Hey there, I’m Nicholette

Through strategy and design, I help entrepreneurs simplify and streamline their brands and businesses.

Because having a grounded, lasting business that brings in sustainable income doesn’t have to mean complicated systems, a busier work schedule, or more stress. 

I’m all about helping you discover how easy and aligned it can feel to grow a thriving business — so you can stand out online, look and feel more high-end, and build lasting wealth and impact.

I hope you’re sitting cozy, friend. Cause I want to take you on a journey.

Always bouncing around.

I’ve been in the entrepreneurship game since 2008 — which is practically decades ago in the online biz world, am I right?

I had tried the whole 9-5 thing, but quickly realized it wasn’t for me. I knew in my heart that I was destined to work for myself. I just had no clue what that looked like.

For a long time, it felt like I was bouncing around. And I won’t lie, there were (supportive but concerned) people in my corner who kept telling me to just get it together already.

I tried food styling… then health coaching… then home and pantry styling… before finally landing in my zone of genius with graphics and branding. 

At the core of all those adventures though, there’s always been a love for form, function, and beauty.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all attracted to beautiful things — whether that’s a neat space or a high-end website.

The pull to serve.

Every direction I’ve taken in my business over the years — from my shops to my high-touch services — started with a pull to serve. 

I’ve always seen the gaps in things. It’s FUN for me to look at something and realize, “Oh my gosh, nobody’s doing this. Why shouldn’t I?!” And then, I do!

The magical thing is, sometimes other people can see things in us that we can’t. So when people kept coming to me and asking me to create graphics for them… then to teach them how to do it themselves… I listened.

In 2015, I created the first ever Canva program. I founded the OG Canva Template Shop that same year, and launched my Create Your Canva Shop program two years later. 

And I’ve repeated that same magic formula ever since: Looked for the gaps, listened to my community, and created whatever I needed to serve.

The goal has always been the same:

To give business owners the graphics, branding, and strategies they need to look and feel more elevated.

Every time I felt that pull to serve, I took imperfect action. 

Did I always know what I was doing? Ummmm, nope. 
Is it hard when there’s no example to follow? Heck yes! 
But it’s also beautiful, and exciting. Trust me on this one, love: 

Imperfect action always pays off.

You get to change your damn mind.

You can take imperfect action and make changes later. You can tweak it, or you can transform it into something else entirely. I’ve built Nicholette Styles on imperfect action after imperfect action:

Creating graphics for busy female business owners (who couldn’t afford high-end, personalized design help) became The Canva Template Shop.

Not being able to give 1-on-1 help to all the amazing entrepreneurs launching their signature programs became The Launch Template Shop.

A desire to empower other women to create their own shops and earn more sustainable, passive income kickstarted my Coaching for Canva Creators.

I saw how ambitious, talented women wanted to take action on their biz ideas like, yesterday, so I switched my project-based services to a Buy My Day intensive.

Because isn’t that the beauty of being a human — especially as a business owner?

You get to change your damn mind if you don’t like something anymore. You get to grow, evolve, and pivot with grace. And you get to look elevated + completely put-together while doing it... without creating any additional stress or work for yourself. 

I’ve made it my personal mission to make sure of that.

Multi-passionates are my people.

When you’re interested in so many things, it’s easy to feel like you should have a single focus. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Here’s my biggest truth for you: trust those nudges. Whenever you feel the need to change focus or direction, lean in.

Because take it from me — a Manifesting Generator who has followed every nudge and weaved every passion into a business that lights her up:

There’s no one right path to building a rich life and lasting wealth. 

You deserve to follow all those interests. And you deserve to create lasting wealth doing it, in a way that feels simple, streamlined, and joyful. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to take imperfect action. And I can help you get there.

It’s time to stop focusing on what others are doing.

What do you want to do?
How do you feel pulled to serve?
What imperfect action are you ready to take?

And isn’t it about time you take it?

Your partner in imperfect (but beautiful) action

I’m passionate about a lot of things, friend. Branding and design. Bubble baths and a generous pour of a really good red. The CO mountains. And my clients’ businesses.

I’m committed to giving my clients the time, attention, and hands-on help I always craved when building my own multi-faceted, lasting business. 

Because what you need is a partner who gets it. Someone who’s been there, done that, and has a strategic brain and an eye for design, so you can build the foundation of a thriving business that sparks joy — and is built to last.

So what do you say, love? Isn’t it time for more

How can we work together?

I want to...

Add an additional revenue stream to my business

That's me

I want to...

Get crystal clear on the next step for my business

That's me

I want to...

Bring my big business ideas to life (with simplicity + style)

That's me

The Nicholette Styles Mission

To visually inspire, support & encourage female business owners as they grow thriving businesses that stand out online, look and feel more high-end, and build lasting wealth + impact.  

Fun facts about me

My party trick is folding a chicken out of a dinner napkin

I almost can't work without putting essential oils in my diffuser

I KonMaried before it was cool on Netflix

I’m a Manifesting Generator and ENFJ

Don’t ask me about my enneagram — it’s a mystery

Our Values

Ready to take clear action on those big, bold goals of yours? 

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