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Get your graphics together, girl! (Literally.)

You’ve got your logo on dropbox, your headshot saved in Google Drive and the names of your fonts and color hex codes in the Sticky Notes app on your desktop. WHAT?!?!
Organize your branding (and other design resources) with this Trello Brand Board!

This comprehensive, done-for-you Trello board template is one part organizational tool and one part teaching tools designed to help you keep ALL your branding and design elements and fave resources in one convenient place. Oh, and show you my exact graphics creation process, too. (Yep, I’m basically giving away #allmysecrets.)

This board also contains time-saving checklists to help you create all your graphics (from social media to blogs to special events (like free challenges), an easy-to-follow batching plan to help you create graphics ahead of schedule and space to store copywriting elements you always seem to need in a pinch.

It’s time to stop fumbling around and create a graphics and a branding system that WORKS.

Ready to get and stay organized and (finally) feel more in control of your visuals?

What's included:
1 Trello board with checklists, branding resources and an easy-to-follow batching plan.  Short training video to use your board effectively.

Just copy this board to your own Trello account (it’s FREE–and easy!), and you’ll finally have it all in one spot–from your fonts to your mission statement to that dang professional bio you can never seem to find.


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